Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The first story i ever wrote

The Murderers Revenge

The noise was rising with the excitement about our end of season school trip. Second years from Sunny Beach High California were lining up outside the school waiting for the bus. We were going to Texas for three weeks to study its history.
My friend and I find that kind of thing interesting. I’m Kristi and my friend is called Ashley. We are inseparable. Some times we get mistaken for sisters. I have shoulder length light brown hair which I usually tie in to a neat pony tail. I have blue eyes. I’m tall and neatly dressed. I have good knowledge of history. Ashley is different. She has short dark brown hair that is cut up to her chin. She has green eyes which are hidden behind oval shaped glasses. She is short and neatly dressed. She has superb knowledge of every subject.
I was just about to get on the bus when a boy pushed me on to the road. A car was coming from the opposite direction. I couldn’t get up I tried and tried but I couldn’t find the strength there was screams as the car drew nearer it wasn’t slowing down I thought I was done for. I must have passed out because I woke up on the walkway. I didn’t know what happened. There was a boy bending over me looking worried.
“Are you all right;” he asked
“Yes thank you;” I replied bewildered, “What happened? Who are you?”
“I’m Calvin; you passed out when you fell on to the road!” Calvin answered my question.
“He saved your life!” Ashley Commented with the look of relief on her face.
“I only done what anybody else would have;” he replied modestly
“Thank you; nobody else in this place would have saved my life they don’t like me much!” I said, I was still in shock
On the bus I was sitting talking to Calvin, it turns out that it was Ashley’s boyfriend Max that had pushed me so we had an argument and fell out.
“What’s your name? Calvin asked
“Oh I’m sorry how rude of me I’m Kristi; I paused for a moment I had just realised something, “I haven’t seen you around before; are you new?
“Yes I just moved hear from Australia; I just started today and they said I could come on this trip!”
“You’re Australian!” I said amazed; “I thought I recognized your accent.”
“Oh back there you said nobody else liked you erm… why don’t they?” he asked unsure of the answer
“Oh I… it’s because I’m a Weirdo and… well I don’t want you to freak out but my… my Father is in jail!” I had said the thing that I hate talking about; “please don’t ask what he is in for; and I will under stand if you don’t want to be friends any more!”
“Ok I won’t ask; and of course I still want to be friends, I think your beautiful, inelegant and funny!” he said blushing slightly “I don’t care where your father is or what he has done; it’s who you are that matters and your not you not your dad!”
Nothing was said after that. Nobody had ever said nice things about me before and I was starting to feel a special fondness for Calvin that I hadn’t felt for anybody before.
I must have been tired because I woke up sometime later with my head on Calvin’s shoulder. He was asleep too. We had arrived at the hotel.
“Calvin we are here.” I said shaking him awake
He woke up and we hurried off the bus catching up with every body else that was just standing before the doors. One of the teachers made a head count and scowled at us as we stopped at the back. She had to start at the beginning again.

The hotel was grand. It had stone walls and big windows with gold drapes that were just visible trough the pained glass. As we walked through big oak doors the reception hall was lined with bell boys at either side. The receptionist was very snobby she looked down her nose at the bunch of troublesome teenagers and the incompetent teachers standing patiently on the shining marble floor in front of her. This snooty woman was called Ms. Indelrith. She called for a few of the smartly dressed bell boys to take our bag to our especially reserved rooms.
To my dismay I was to share a room with Ashley. We had become mortal enemies since her boyfriend nearly killed me. There was one good thing though Calvin was in the room next door he was sharing with Max. We got the rooms on the top floor the view was brilliant. It was late and I was very tired I decided to turn in. As I was about to get ready for bed there was a knock at the door. Ashley answered it.
“Oh it’s you!” she said disapprovingly
Calvin stepped swiftly in to the room. He walked to the edge of the bed and sat down next to me.
“Kristi I know we only met today; and well I really like you so maybe do you want to go out with me?” he asked nervously “ I will under stand if you don’t want too!”
“Yes I will go out with you!” I said smiling; “I really like you too!”
He smiled more than ever. He had to go back to his room but he said he would talk to me in the morning. Ashley didn’t look too pleased.
“Does he know about your dad?” she asked
“He knows where he is but he doesn’t know why;” I replied “and he’s not going to find out either!”
“He has right to know now that he’s your boyfriend;” she said “after all it is your fault your father is in jail!”
I scowled at her and climbed in to bed. She had a point but if I told him he would hate me. I turned over and fell asleep.
Ashley was up early and had gone to get a drink. She bumped in to Calvin on the stairs. He just walked by her without talking. She had to say something to him for Kristi’s own good.
“Calvin I…I think you should have a word with Kristi,” she said before she could stop her self
Calvin stopped and turned around.
“Why is she ok?” he asked anxiously
“Yes it just about her dad; I know she told you about him being in jail but she didn’t tell you it was her that put him there!” she said
Calvin was about to speak but Ashley cut across him.
“Just go and talk to her!” she said sternly.
He turned and ran back up the stairs.
I woke up to a knock at the door. I got out of bed and ran to answer it.
“Calvin what’s wrong?” I asked at the accusing look on his face.
“Why did you put your dad in jail; what did he do?” he asked
I told him to come in and sit down when he was sitting. I started telling him the story.
“My dads a murderer; he killed 13 women including my mother. I witnessed him stabbing my mum. I was called to give evidence. He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. It was me that made him go down it was my evidence that got him life and I don’t care. What he did to my mother ruined my life. It gave me nightmares and I was put in to foster care. I was only eight at the time.” I finished the story and began to sob.
“Kristi; why didn’t you tell me?”
“I thought you would hate me; like everyone else does!” I was still crying.
“I would never hate you; what you did was brave.” He said softly
He hugged me and we sat there silently for ages.
Later Calvin, Ashley, Max and me had all made friends. We were having a game of card when one of the teachers came in.
“Kristi can we have a word with you please? In privet!” she asked. There were two police officers standing in the door way behind her,
“I want Calvin to stay:” I said. She agreed to let Calvin stay but the other two had to go away.
“Kristi this is PCs Ward and Young; they have come to have a word with you.” The teacher left the room.
The police women stepped forward and sat next to me on the bed. The man remained standing.
“Kristi I am PC Jane Young; we have come to give you some important news!” she said; her voice was friendly but serious “Your father has escaped from jail; therefore this leaves you in danger!”
“In danger; how can she be in danger?” Calvin asked puzzled. The male police officer scowled.
“Calv; I never told you this but when I gave evidence. My father threatened if he ever got out he would come after me and kill me!” I said worriedly
When the officers were finished they arranged for police to be stationed around the hotel. Ms. Indelrith wasn’t too happy about it. But she never had a choice.
The next few days were reasonably quiet apart from Calvin fighting with a boy that had been winding me up about it. The police told Calvin to keep out of trouble and don’t rise too it. It was three days after I had been informed of my fathers escape.
I was in the room of my own when something was pushed under the door. I got up and saw I bit of paper. It read:
You will pay
For what you
Have done.
You are going to
Die like your interfering
Remember this warning
If u take this to
The police
Your little friends will
Die too!!!!!!!

I ran from the room and burst through Calvin’s door where. He, max and Ashley sat playing card.

They new something was wrong by the look on my face.
“What’s wrong Kristi?” Calvin asked standing up and coming towards me.
I couldn’t speak so I just handed him the letter. His mouth fell.
“Ash; go and get the police; Max get Kristi a glass of water!” Calvin order
The pair of them who had been reading the note over Calvin shoulder obeyed and hurried through the open door. I fell to the floor sobbing my eyes out. Calvin hugged me.
“Calv I’m sacred!” I admitted
“It’s ok to be scared but you will be ok you have us and the police!” he said comfortingly.
There was a lot of noise in the hall. PC Ward came hurrying in to the room. Calvin gave him the letter. The rest of the night was spent by the police searching the hotel.
The next morning Calvin woke me up with a tray of breakfast. I ate it all I hadn’t realised how hungry I was. He asked me if I wanted to go for a walk in the garden. I wasn’t in the mood so he stayed in with me. We were just sitting talking when something good happened. We were in the middle of the conversation when Calvin suddenly moved forward and kissed me. We held the kiss for what seemed like ages
The door opened Max and Ashley walked in. We broke away when Ashley started to giggle.
“Oh don’t mine us;” she said smirking at Max. I turned to Calvin and gave I’m a wide smile.
“What was the kiss for?” I asked amazed
“You’re my girlfriend and I love you!” he said seriously
“I love you too!” I said I leaned forward and kissed him again.
“Give it a rest you two!” Max said scowling.
“I have to go anyway.” Calvin said. “I have to talk to one of the police officers about
Yesterday; I won’t be long!” he stood up pecked me on the cheek and hurried off. Ashley went to Max’s room to give me peace. Soon I was alone again. I was lying on my bed thinking about my first ever proper kiss when I heard a familiar sound.
I looked at the door and there on the floor was another piece of paper. I slowly walked towards it. I picked it up and reluctantly read:
I Warned YOU
I didn’t know what to do. If I told the police; he would kill Calvin and if I went alone he will kill both of us. I went next door to discus it with Ashley and Max. When they found out Calvin had been taken hostage and that I was to meet my father at midnight; they agreed to come with me but they would keep out of sight to make him think I was alone.
So at midnight I left the hotel alone. They decided to wait five minutes then they alert the police. Telling them they found the letter in my room then they would follow. The hotel garden was situated beyond the trees. I approached the gate and I saw something moving. I entered and walked swiftly towards the moving figure. The beam from my flash light illuminated the path in front of me.
“Kristi; I can’t believe how much you have grown.” Said a man with greasy black hair
And dirty tattered clothes.
“You let Calvin go he’s done nothing too you!” I commanded
“I’m afraid you’re too late!” he said laughing. He was pointing at the ground. A few paces away lay a body.
“NO!” I ran towards the limp figure. I collapsed down beside Calvin’s body there was blood pouring out of the back of his head.
A hand grabbed the back of my sweater and dragged me away. He with drew a knife. I stood up and faced him.
“You think your big taking on an unarmed fourteen year old don’t you?” I spat “Well I’m ashamed to call you my father!” he drew closer. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the ground and gave one heavy blow with the knife which struck me in the stomach. I screamed; he was about to strike again when something hard hut him on the back of the head. There was a struggle and lots of shouting. The whole place was lit up by lights.
Calvin was sitting in a ward in the nearest hospital. He was waiting for news of Kristi. Calvin was the one to save Kristi’s life again. He had just been knocked out by a bit of wood and when Kristi screamed he stirred and lifted the same bit of wood and hut he father across the head with it but it was a minute too late. Kristi was rushed into intensive care and Calvin hasn’t heard anything since. The police have taken a statement from him and Kristi’s dad was sent back to jail.
“Calvin she’s going to be ok!” Ashley said poking her head around the curtain “She’s been moved to a private ward; you can go and see her if you want.”
Calvin leaped off his bed and followed Ashley.
“Calvin she has just waked up so she’s a bit fragile!” Ashley said warningly
Calvin opened the door and stepped inside. The room was darker than the ward but he could still see clearly because of the lamp in the corner.
“Hey Calv; I’m so glad to see you!” I said; my voice was quiet because I was tiered.
“Hi babe; I’m so glad your ok!” he said with a tear streaming down his face. “I was so worried.”
“Big softie; I’m fine thanks to you!” I said beaming at him.
He came closer and kissed me. This was the best and longest kiss.


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